Why your small business needs a website

Why your small business needs a website

So you’ve started your dream business; or perhaps you’ve been in the industry now for a while, but now you’re wondering if you need a website for your business. Honestly, while a website is not absolutely necessary to be successful in the business world, it does provide your small business several advantages as outlined below.

To be competitive

Chances are your competitors (local or global) have a website. To remain competitive and get back a little of the market share, your small business needs to have a website. Today, most customers do their preliminary research for a product or service online. If they see a site selling or informing about the product/service of interest, chances are they’ll go with that company. That is, a website will greatly influence purchasing decisions. You can reach this ever-growing pool of customers if you had a website!

To be accessible

A main piece of information your potential customers are seeking is your contact information. They may be searching for a phone number or email address to contact you or ask a question; or they may be looking for an address to check out your business and talk in person. Many more people are likely to contact your small business if this information readily available on your website. In today’s world, a business needs to be accessible 24/7 and having an online presence will allow that.

To answer questions

There are many other questions a visitor may have and most of those you can answer right from your small business website. For example, many visitors may wish to know your hours of operation, does your business do quotes, is your business closed on certain holidays, does the business offer a certain service or product, etc. A website can save you from returning countless phone calls or emails that ask the same questions over and over.

To keep your customers informed

This is great if you have a blog or announcement section on your website. It keeps visitors or customers abreast of what’s going on with your small business. You may already have a social media page (Facebook, Google+, etc.), but a business website will also allow you to have many other benefits these ad-driven, social media sites can’t offer. Having your own business website and keeping the announcements/promotions/events flowing allows you to build a relationship with your customer base. It will make your customers and causal visitors want to re-visit your site for the newest piece of communication.

To sell your products

Online selling, or e-commerce, is a huge advantage of having a small business website. You can sell your stuff on “free” sites, but you’ll have to pay seller fees or other hidden costs. But if you have your own website, not only can you have an e-commerce store, but the rest of these great benefits listed here!

To reach a wider audience

Unlike a phone book or other printed materials, a website reaches a global audience. One brochure reaches only one person, and maybe a few more if it’s passed along. However, one website can reach millions! The major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) can drive tons of potential customers your way if you have a professional website. These are customers you may have never reached without a web presence. Share your business with the world by starting your own small business website today!

Sound good?

We hopeful this list of advantages has convinced you to contact us to discuss a professionally designed website for your ministry. We’ll be happy to answer any other questions you may have. Simply fill out this form to get started!

Why your small business needs a website
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